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About Clearlake & Lake County





Weather for Lakeport Area
Clearlake is located in Lake County, Northern California, USA
Clear Lake is the largest natural lake in California with 127 miles of shore line surrounded by beautiful mountains, which were formed by a volcano. One of the mountains is Mt. Konocti. Nestled among the trees along the shore line are resorts for camping or rentals, private homes and natural habitats for the local wildlife. Whether your interests lie in hiking, water sports, bass fishing tournaments (best bass fishing in the state they say) auto racing, off-road trails,  touring the Homestake Gold mine or relishing the tasting rooms of the local wineries, there is something to see for everyone.  This is truly a virtual playground.

Northern California


Other Websites about Clearlake and Lake County

Record-Bee This is the local newspaper for around Clearlake
Lake County NewsA free on-line newspaper for Lake County
Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa This is THE entertainment spot in Northern California.
Konocti Vista Casino An Indian casino on the lake in Lakeport, with great food extremely reasonable.
http://www.lakecounty.com/ Lake County's Visitor's Guide
http://www.co.lake.ca.us/site3.aspx Lake County's Government
http://www.cityoflakeport.com/City of Lakeport Government
http://grandjuryassn.org/ Grand Jury Association of Lake County
http://www.laketv8.comLake County Community Television
http://www.eddysmedicinalgardens.com/ The online home of Eddy's Famous Medicinal Gardens and Multi-Denomination Chapel of Cannabis and Rastafari, spreading the truth about Medical Marijuana.
http://www.lakeportchamber.com/ Lakeport Regional Chamber of Commerce
http://www.lakecountyrandr.com/ Lake County Resort & Restaurant Association
http://www.paddlewheel.com/ Welcome to the Riverboat excursion of the 90's, on the Clearlake Queen..
http://www.clearlakechamber.com/ Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce 
http://www.hometown-shopper.com/ A Local free newspaper, mostly ads and classified
Clear Lake State ParkPopular for all kinds of water recreation, including swimming, fishing, boating and water-skiing
Lake County FairgroundsFairgrounds, Auto Races, Roller Rink, ...
City of Clearlake 
Clearlake Oaks 
Clearlake Chamber of Commerce 
http://www.aeroshuttleservice.com/ Aero Airport Shuttle to Sacramento
http://www.skunktrain.com/ Scenic train ride through the California Redwoods between Fort Bragg and Willits.
Lake County Office of Education 
Konocti Unified School District 
Lakeport Unified School District 
Lakeport Elementary School 
Clearlake High School
Kelseyville High School 
Upper Lake High School 
Terrace Middle School 
Lakeport Cinema  
Lakeport Seventh-day Adventist Church  
On The Waterfront 
Harbin Hot Springs 
http://www.everythinginlakecounty.com/Everything in Lake County website

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