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The domain "gungl.com" has been redirected here, in memory of Steve Gungl, beloved partner of Duke for 37 years.


The Musical Celebration of Steve Gungl's life

held at San Francisco Central Seventh-day Church on May 31, 2003, can be viewed here at the left for 56k modems, and at the right for DSL. If you do not have RealPlayer on your computer, you can download it here FREE. Go to the bottom right where it says "Download the RealOne Player"

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Steve Gungl

August 6, 1936 – May 3, 2003

Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.... (Psalms: 100:2)

Steve Gungl, renowned pianist, organist, and vocal coach in the Greater Bay Area for the past forty years, passed away on May 3, 2003.

  Steve will be seriously missed by his Life-Partner of 36 years, Duke, whom Steve led to the Lord. Duke says that he was blessed and privileged to have such a wonderful and loved person for his friend and Life Partner.  Steve was much more than a friend, for he bonded with anyone, and everyone, who ever met him.  His brilliance and talent, of which he gave freely, was second to his tremendous caring for so many others that crossed his path.  For 36 years I have watched him dart, and weave his magic, through the lives of so many, and his permanent influence was truly spiritual and inspired.

   Steve Gungl began studying music at age seven, and continued through the years to earn his B. A. degree in music education from Pacific Union College, and his M. A. degree in Pedagogy from The University of the Pacific in Stockton. He was a three-time grand award winner at the Pasadena Talent Festival, and had his own TV program, By Request, at the age of seventeen. He served fifteen years as a rehearsal accompanist for San Francisco Opera. At the time of his death he was Minister of Music for the S F Central Seventh-day Adventist Church as well as Organist at Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, in San Francisco. Steve developed sincere and lasting friendships with many denominations for which he played organ and piano, and directed choirs.  He also maintained his coaching studio in San Mateo, California where he and Duke resided for the last thirty-two years. 

  Steve and Duke started the first official outreach ministry to gays and lesbians in the SDA church, which will now be carried on and implemented full time by Duke. 

  Steve is survived by a sister Jeanne Ferguson, her daughter Stephanie Eckard, and grand-nephew Josh Eckard;  a brother Floyd Gungl, and nephews, Wayne, Stan, Gary, and Carl Gungl;  and two for whom Steve had a special love, Jauneta Gungl and grand-nephew Zachary Gungl.  Steve also became an integral part of Duke’s family, who became enraptured by Steve’s exuberance to love and entertain people, as did many, many friends mourning his passing.  If God judges a person by the fruits of their labors, Steve will have an abundance of diamonds in his crown, to present to Jesus.

(Run in San Francisco Chronicle on May 25, 2003)

Steve Gungl 

August 6, 1936 – May 3, 2003

Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.... (Psalms: 100:2)


We thank you for joining us today,

                                                 and for sharing

                                                             your life with ours..

Steve Gungl and Duke
September 9, 1966 – May 3, 2003
We will gather together again, rising to meet Jesus.





 May 20, 1988

  April 7, 1998


An Ode To Blitzen

Blitzen was a ten year old, 125lb Doberman, who we had to have put to sleep on 4/7/98. We had one of those special loves between us that you hear so many pet owners speak about. We really cannot think of anything that Blitzen did wrong in his whole life, though there may have been some bad puppy habits, which out of love for us he changed. He also learned many commands, and obeyed them because of our love, not because they were in themselves something that he wanted to do. He learned to walk around the neighborhood without a leash. He knew that he could either walk ahead, or lag behind, but he also knew not to step off any curb without us at his side. Even when he saw a cat across the street, his hair would raise, he feet would itch to run and he would almost dance, but he would look at us, and we would simply say "no". Then he simply ignored the inborn desire to chase that cat, and continued to enjoy the walk. It was the same in the park, at the beach, visiting other people's homes: we could go anyplace together. Through him we met many people we never would have met otherwise, one of their most common remarks being, "that is the most happily obedient dog I have seen, how did you train him?". Our reply would always be that we didn't, we just gave him love, then he got to trust us, and then he listened and observed us to simply try to please us as an expression of his love. He loved and trusted us right up to the point when we laid down on the floor with him at the vet's, and told him that he was going to go to sleep for awhile, but that he would be a permanently beautiful memory in our mind, and that we would pray to God for the rest of our life to learn to love, trust, and obey Him as well as Blitzen did us. We explained to Blitzen then, that his memory would be part of us, and when we came to the New Earth with Jesus, that his memory would somehow be restored in whatever form Jesus knew to be best.

Dear God, thank you for Jesus and your Holy Spirit, and the beautiful memories we have of Blitzen. Please forgive our transgressions, and strengthen us to overcome them. Help us to love you more every moment of our life, and to identify what it is that you want us to do. Wrap your Holy Spirit around us for protection and guidance, in hopes that someday we can stand at your side, and thank Blitzen for showing us how to love and obey you.

And we know that all things work together for good

to them that love God (Romans 8:28)

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