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Commercial / Residential - Indoor/Outdoor


"Let there be light, and it was good light"

Duke started his electrical career after Stanford University as an Electrical Sales Engineer with General Electric.  He continued on with many manufacturer's specialty classes, spending the majority of his forty years in the industry, specializing in lighting and emergency power.  Duke believes that lighting makes or kills the scene, and should be customized to the customers preferences.  He has engineered projects ranging from multi-million dollar energy-saving projects, such as re-lighting the California State Campus in Fresno, to simple horseshoe pits below.  

Nighttime horseshoes are great under the brilliant white light from a Metal Halide lamp, and also five time more efficient than incandescent lamps.



We have contractors, handymen, and general laborers available for referral to meet your needs and budget.  As a referral agency, we ourselves are naturally not specifically licensed for all the services we offer referrals for.


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